ART:sync Seminar - Working Internationally

26 October 2012

ART:sync held a seminar for all it's members about working internationally with Nelson Fernandez.
The Training session went extremely well giving members an excellent level of information as well as inspiring them to complete bigger and better things.
See some our members comments below:

"the session has been really really useful in helping me think through an international project I'm going to be involved in, so it was all very timely and extremely relevant"
"it was really informative and I learned a lot"
"I thought the seminar was excellent, but we need much more of this kind of information"
"it was great to have a facilitator with such a rich experience and a good understanding of the complex demographic make up of the group"
" very inspiring and informative"
"fantastic! Nelson was a great facilitator and he really knew his stuff"
"very relevant information which has helped me really think about the processes involved in international work and the first steps I need to take"
"it was great and this is the kind of workshop I wish I had access to when I was starting off - we need to know about the potential pitfalls and it makes such a difference to hear it from someone who has very relevant experience in this area"