ART:sync Seminar Info - 'Working Internationally' with Nelson Fernandez

3 October 2012

On wednesday the 17th October ART:sync are holding a Seminar conducted by Nelson Fernandez about 'Working Internationally'. 

About Nelson Fernandez:
Nelson Fernandez is an arts producer and cultural facilitator with experience of working throughout the world. During a career as an artist, producer, and facilitator, he has worked with organisations of every conceivable size and profile in the fields of dance, drama, opera, and visual arts.

The seminar outline:
The seminar aims to answer the key questions-
* Why work internationally?
* What does it bring to you in terms of your professional and human development? * Are you sure you know why you wish to work internationally?
* Is it like working within the UK?

The seminar will also include case studies, group work and group discussion.
'Working Internationally' will be very beneficial and educational to everyone in involved with ART:sync as well as all the Artists.

To download the Tools for Artists Keynote presentation click here.