Nicola Benge

"I am a committed and professional project manager and producer, with ten years experience of facilitating arts and heritage projects and roles. This involves collaborating with partners, clients and staff to manage projects, activities and events for successful delivery.
I work closely with local communities to produce site specific work including murals, events and celebratory arts, aiming to strike a balance between art, heritage and community in a way that teaches and inspires.
My projects are predominantly about community and the arts or history, with the aim of manifesting pride in public memory, whilst managing projects to improve cultural heritage and engender social development.
Through my work, I aim to encourage participation and outreach. This is through projects involving reminiscence, creativity and archive material to engage a wide range of groups and individuals in creative and cultural activities, including recording people’s life stories and memories.
I believe in the idea of life skills and education through creativity. This is the belief that all people can gain enjoyment and social benefit from taking part in creative and artistic activities. My work encourages greater social inclusion by involving marginalised and vulnerable groups, alongside all sections of the community.
I also work as a freelance arts and heritage manager for national organisations and charities, using these skills and my enthusiasm and focus to inform my work as a producer - through exhibitions, resources and events".
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