Alinah Azadeh

Alinah Azadeh is an interdisciplinary artist, born in 1968 to an Iranian mother and English father and is based in the UK.

With a background in drawing/painting, film and then digital media, she did an MA in Art and Media Practice at the University of Westminster in 2001 and from that moved into installation works sited predominantly in the public realm. Commissions over the last ten years have included large - scale works such as Crafting Space (2008) for The Crafts Council, The Bibliomancer’s Dream (2009-10) for The Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre and Chasing Mirrors: Portraits of the Unseen (2010-11) for The National Portrait Gallery, London.

These works encompass sculpture, data, textile and written language – which act as a container for narrative exchanges and self-reflection in response to the central themes of human experience. They have all been rooted in live processes of mass participation of and with audiences: forms of communal ritual, gift –giving and exchange.


Alongside her public work, she also makes smaller works; wrapped, textile sculptures, which suggest narrative traces within the human cycle of attachment, loss and renewal. These have evolved directly out of the process of creating The Gifts (2010), a large-scale installation for Bristol Museum and Art Gallery through the shape of things, which was her first major solo show in the UK. Her most recent live work, an outdoor intervention called Burning the Books ,

which makes connections between the human constructs of debt, sin, absolution and payback, raises questions around the moral context of economic exchange and the human narratives that are created and communicated from this. Development plans are in process..