Alex Buckley

Alex Buckley is a founder member of Rolemop.  He studied for a BA in English Literature and Film Studies at Brunel, where he forged a working relationship with fellow Rolemopper Kerri McLean, and completed an MA in Dramatic Writing at Sussex University.  He is a Writer, Filmmaker and Producer for the company and has worked on many diverse projects including theatrical productions, interactive installations and animations, and has edited films for clients including the BBC and Sky Arts.  Writing credits for Rolemop include; A fine Line Between Laughter and Loathing that was well received by the Royal Court’s new writer’s program 2007; Broken Loops that played at the Old Vic Tunnels in 2012; and the If the Walls Could Tell projection mapped onto Chichester city walls as part of the walls illumination project in April 2012. He has a deep love of storytelling and the worlds it creates, and is always looking for new stories to tell and new ways to tell them.